Wrap Star Day 11: Mannymade my gifts awesome!

As mentioned in my Toledo post, I am kind of obsessed with mannymade. Why, you ask? Here’s some proof:


I ended up purchasing some ornaments from her in Toledo. Then I HAD to have some adorable pins! I ended up using these to embellish some gifts, which ended up looking really great. If you haven’t noticed, I like a clean slate. I love that brown postal paper look because you can add so much! It is like vanilla ice cream. Alone? Perhaps a bit underwhelming. With a little sprinkle? Fabulous. Check out two ways I used mannymade treasures to make gifts pretty:



Check out tomorrow’s blog for a much awaited etsy special. 🙂




Wrap Star Day 10: I felt pretty awesome

So, I am a master of the “felt arts.” At least, I am the CFO (Chief Felt Officer) at Handleber. It would be weird not to decorate with felt, no?

The first two ways are using handleber products. The last one? A tutorial I found. Super easy. Super cute.

Present #1 is for my nephew. It was wrapped with a piece of felt garland I sell. I actually cut it up and got all crazy with it. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! You could easily do this with a hole punch and old Christmas cards or scraps of fabric. I attached my felt to hemp twine with a fabric glue.


Present #2 is wrapped with a handleber hair clip. That easy. Make it work, pals.


Present # 3 is a pair of gifts for my niece. These have adorable felt pinwheels, which I learned how to make using this tutorial. I think they are super cute. Just saying.


That’s it! Felt is the best!


Ah, memories…


I went to my mom’s house to pick up a cool angel, as well as drop off the gifts for the kiddos in my family. When I was there the living room was just as I was reminiscing about it the day before. My parents would let me sleep in and generally have to wake me up on Christmas  When I did get up, they would turn on the coffee pot. I would get hot cocoa. We would sit in a triangle: my mom on the couch, my dad on the chair on the right, and me on the floor. We’d each have our pile of presents and take turns opening. Afterward, we’d eat my dad’s famous “cheesy eggs” and listen to Christmas tunes. It was the best. I decided to take some pictures of my favorite ornaments, as well as a few I made and share them on the blog.

This was my favorite ornament. I was able to place it on the tree each year.


My dad loved Howdy Doody.


I think this glitter tree was from preschool


This frog is my second favorite ornament

CameraAwesomePhoto (3)

I made the stocking ornament in first grade and the mom one in college

CameraAwesomePhoto (1)

I made this ornament this year

CameraAwesomePhoto (2)

I made my babysitter take pictures of me modeling when I was little. Totally normal. Here’s proof in a frame.

CameraAwesomePhoto (4)

This is an ornament I made in bible class. It reads “he good god”

CameraAwesomePhoto (5)

Felt Stocking Ornament


My Stocking since I was a little girl


Wrap Star Day 9: Pee-wee would approve

Yesterday my friend Kelly and I were talking about Cellar Door Soap Co. First off, they have an amazing product. Second  it looks adorbs. Third, it is the perfect gift to keep on hand when you need a treasure as a last-minute gift. The caveat,  as Kelly and I discussed, is that we secretly hope we don’t need to give it away so we can keep it and smell like peppermint mocha or repel zombies.

Alas, I am going to have to give some soap as gifts. The people deserve it. They are well loved. And in anticipation of this I doubled down on my peppermint mocha soap. One for me, one for … who?

I found a cool tutorial on how to make fabric bows for cupcake toppers. It worked well for this. HOWEVER- this is not a tutorial for a real fancy bow one would wear. There’s only fabric scraps, *hot glue* and scissors needed. So it will make a cute bow in a relatively speedy/affordable way:


This bow looked ADORABLE on the soaps because it didn’t cover the product, only the back of the label. It is also easily removable so friends/loved ones can stock up on soap. It isn’t, however, durable for everyday use. Carry these bows around like the prince’s helper-dude carried that glass slipper.

Even so, time for a Cellar Door Soap Co fashion show:






*hot glue is HOT- follow directions on the glue gun and be safe. for reals.*

Wrap Star Day 8: Free-style!

Today I free-style drew on some postal paper gift wrap. I was wrapping a framed piece of art I acquired at Toledo’s Maker’s Mart. I had to figure out how to wrap this gift, as it is for a pal who deserves the best. 🙂

I started by measuring out the frame so I knew the space to draw on. I wanted to draw an ice cream cone because sometimes Pam and I have ice cream socials. Unfortunately, after cutting this carefully measured paper I TOTALLY free-styled and made the ice cram cone too large. I blame the over accessorizing of the glitter cherry.


Did I mention the glitter? I ended up drawing an ice cream cone with a cherry and sprinkles. Then I decorated it with glitter glue. Pam’s favorite color is turquoise, so so were the sprinkles.


When I wrapped it I liked how it looked. Having the cone and cherry wrap around actually looked kind of neat. What do you think?




Wrap Star Day 7: Put a bird on it!


Today I stamped some boxes, colored them with glitter glue, then added names and snowflakes with a white pen. It wasn’t terribly difficult to do, but I think it looks really cool. I tried to make it look like a piece of wrapping paper. I think these boxes will look even more “finished” when I add the red and white twine.

P/S- Don’t feel bad for these dudes for having glitter birds on their boxes, they are filled with manly things like burger yo-yos and stuff. 🙂



In case you didn’t laugh at the title, maybe this will help you understand:

Wrap Star Day 6: Washi doin?

Washi tape is my favorite. FAVORITE! I used to struggle with wrapping gifts with ribbon and washi tape just makes SO much more sense. It doesn’t squirm around. It looks fabulous. Sometimes it is even on sale.

The gifts below were simple kraft boxes and pillow boxes. All I did was add washi tape and some A-Dorable 3D stickers. I bought these because my friend calls his dad the Gnome. There’s a gift for him in one of those boxes. The other box went to my boss. I made her some cluster pins for her blazers and loved that the owl letter press card matched the 3D cuteness I attached to the box.

These gifts took less than 5 minutes to wrap total. And I love them.


The Gnome and his family will love this one… I love the washi border the gnomes are standing on. 🙂


I am all out of that gold washi tape. Sadness. Martha made it. Also, check the cool envelope that came with the owl card!

That’s it for today. So easy. The blog took longer to write than it took me to wrap. I think this would be a super fun idea to decorate with the kiddos. Though sometimes they want to use every sticker or cover all the space. So you may want a less is more talk. This is coming from a girl who managed to fit 4 ladybugs on that top gift. Who am I to say less is more?! 🙂

Have fun!


Wrap Star day 5: WWFYOAD?

WWFYOAD? Stands for “what would fifteen year old Amber do?” and the answer is buy magazines and cut them up. And probably listen to ska/pop-punk and make mix tapes. But it is the weekend and we can only do so much. Let’s cut up magazines!


Materials used: magazine, scissors, glue stick, two brown paper bags

I ended up using the Vanity Fair comedy issue, which resulted in having John Candy, the Blues Brothers, Paul Rudd, Jeremy from BBC’s Top Gear, Rick Moranis in Strange Brew, Steve Martin, Kristen Wiig, and Amy Poehler, among others. I simply cut out my friend’s names and gave each a background to anchor the letters. I assumed the black would provide more contrast, but I enjoy the orange quite a bit.

I’ve seen this done on gift wrapped boxes, but not on bags. The reason I chose this is because many vendors give you these bags when purchasing at shows and it is a great way to re-purpose them!  I also tend to get Kelly and Heather many tiny items from vendors, so this is a great way to keep them all in one place. Kelly’s actually has a wrapped gift from Yellow Door, so her bag is the turducken of gift bags. 🙂

As seen above and below, instead of tissue paper sticking out I crumbled pages from magazines. Looks pretty…. pretty…. pretty good.


I like how they turned out. I also found a Downton Abbey picture for one of my mother-in-law’s gifts. She LOVES her some Downton!



Wrap Star day 4- mason jars are the coolest

Mason jars make everything pretty: gifts, food, jams, flower arrangements… you can put most ANYTHING in one of these jars and it instantly looks refined and handmade. I plan on making a raspberry sauce for some family and pour it in these lovely containers (don’t worry, there’ll be a blog post/recipe later this week).

I made some DELICIOUS cookies for a party this evening. They are red velvet crinkle cookies. This recipe was found on pinterest, like most things I’ve tried in my kitchen. The cookies looked like the end of Scarface, but I assure you the picture below is simply cookies and powdered sugar. 🙂


These cookies look absolutely divine. I love red velvet cake because it is SO delicious. I was afraid I wouldn’t like these cookies, on account of the lack of cream cheese frosting. It turns out I still love them. I DO think dunking them in cream cheese frosting would be an improvement.

If you ask me, food looks fabulous on white plates. I am going to a party this evening and didn’t want to forget the my plate (classic move on my part). Instead, I used a turquoise plate, which contrasts with the deep red cookies quite nicely.


The “wrap star” portion is an easy one. Weekends are busy. All you need is cookies, a jar, and a circle of fabric. As you can see, the circle I cut was more of an oval. But whatevs. It is totally the thought that counts!


Here are the wrapping steps:

  1. Fill the jar with cookies
  2.  Place the silver disk thingy on the jar.
  3. Cut a circle of fabric. Cover said silver disk thingy with  a circle of fabric.
  4. Screw the jar lid on top of said fabric/silver disk thingy combo.
  5. Fill out a pretty tag. Afterward, tie it around the jar.

Done! Look how pretty!




Wrap Star Day 3- ain’t nobody got time for that!

The weekend is here. Holiday parties, shopping, family gatherings… everyone has a VERY full dance card. So why not shop with vendors who do some of the work for you? Here are a few vendors that have wrapping on-lock. Adorable zipper pouches from Hip to Piece Squares are pretty as a picture already, gifts from Chuppy Love, Yellow Door, and yours truly are gift wrapped for you, and treasures from Glass Action! and Cellar door Soap Co. come in bags so darling all you need to do is add a piece of tissue paper. Everybody’s got time for that!

Chuppy Love


Glass Action!


Cellar Door Soap Co.


Hip to Piece Squares


Yellow Door Art Market




There you go! I’ve also had things wrapped beautifully at Naka. I bought some adorable Dinos last year from Albino Dino at Naka and they wrapped them up all pretty! Check them out, too!

Remember, as the holiday stress piles for shoppers it REALLY does for vendors. So if you see something you like, contact these vendors ASAP. Or you may have to wait until next Holiday season. Or buy one or twelve after the holidays and keep them for yourself. You deserve it.

Happy Friday,