Small Craft!

This month’s Small Craft was at Pot & Box in Ann Arbor. It was a VERY cool space that made me wish I was throwing a fancy rustic dance party. This month we learned how to make paper sculptures from books. The lovely Amanda from Dang Argyle taught the class. She had said in her blog post […]

Martin Luther King Jr Day

I have always been fascinated with Martin Luther King Jr. It isn’t just because he was a powerful speaker, it is also because of his message. MLK’s views of non-violence are still inspiring to me. His stance on non-violence did not mean he was passive by any means. He wanted change. He wanted equality, and he inspired […]

Tawas Inspiration

We went to Tawas over the weekend, which provided some ridiculously pretty color inspiration. I was so stoked to get “up north” and see some fall colors. Oddly enough, most of my favorite pictures are depicting the blues, tans, and grays of Michigan beaches. It was pretty cold on Saturday, but there were plenty of fishermen on the pier. They had […]