what a weekend!

As many of you know, I have recently moved to Indiana. This is VERY recent. As in last week. That said, I was able to come back for a super fun weekend-o-crafts! First stop was Monroe. My friends Liz and Charlie are the best gardeners in the world. Their backyard looks like a wonderland. They […]

Okay, fine. Gweneth is right.

When Gweneth Paltrow started GOOP I was kind of intrigued. A celeb was going to tell us about her food choices, fitness routines  and what she likes to do. It seemed kinda neat. However, when I clicked on yoga pants that were twice my mortgage and dropped the mic. “I’M OUT!”  (After writing this part I […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I used to teach in an elementary school. Valentine’s Day was always my favorite party. There was no stress of costumes and there was no “we’re about to have a two week holiday break” vibe. It was a low-key party with treats and tiny cards. I loved it. I am not in the classroom this […]

Small Craft!

This month’s Small Craft was at Pot & Box in Ann Arbor. It was a VERY cool space that made me wish I was throwing a fancy rustic dance party. This month we learned how to make paper sculptures from books. The lovely Amanda from Dang Argyle taught the class. She had said in her blog post […]

Wrap Star day 4- mason jars are the coolest

Mason jars make everything pretty: gifts, food, jams, flower arrangements… you can put most ANYTHING in one of these jars and it instantly looks refined and handmade. I plan on making a raspberry sauce for some family and pour it in these lovely containers (don’t worry, there’ll be a blog post/recipe later this week). I […]


Tonight was full of merriment and cheer. I giggled because I realized I was sitting at a table of four blogger/crafters: Anne of Indie Lovely, Michelle of Aisle3- Upcycle Your Life, and Tracie of Radical Recycks. I think it’ll be funny if we all give our “take” on the evening. My evening started around 3:00pm, […]

This peppermint has more bite than bark….

Wow. Peppermint Bark. Let’s be clear about one thing straight away: baking is serious biz. First off, there’s measurement. You can kind of mix it up when making savory items: add saracha, add some bacon, whatevs. The savory culinary gods say “bring it.” Baking is not as forgiving. The baking gods don’t like people who think outside […]


I visited DIYpsi this afternoon. I was one of the first 50 shoppers so I could snag a cool DIYpsi tote bag filled with treasures. I was actually concerned about arriving EXACTLY at 11am to ensure I’d receive one. This was a good idea, as they were gone before 11:15. 🙂 Here’s a pic I […]