what a weekend!

As many of you know, I have recently moved to Indiana. This is VERY recent. As in last week. That said, I was able to come back for a super fun weekend-o-crafts! First stop was Monroe. My friends Liz and Charlie are the best gardeners in the world. Their backyard looks like a wonderland. They […]


I visited DIYpsi this afternoon. I was one of the first 50 shoppers so I could snag a cool DIYpsi tote bag filled with treasures. I was actually concerned about arriving EXACTLY at 11am to ensure I’d receive one. This was a good idea, as they were gone before 11:15. ūüôā Here’s a pic I […]

Santa Shop

I was able to be a vendor at a Secret Santa Shop at a school in Flint. This event interested me because it asked for handmade gifts, which was much different than the Secret Santa Shops I went to. ¬†The children were super happy to pick out gifts for their loved ones. I made sure […]

Holy Toledo!

Yesterday was Handmade Toledo’s Maker’s Mart. It was a first year event, and¬†heavily¬†promoted on facebook, in Toledo papers, and on the web. I was super pumped because there were several artists I’d recently discovered on the Maker’s Mart facebook page and I wanted to start my holiday shopping. When we arrived to set up I […]

Etsy is so smart…. tips for craft shows from etsy (with commentary from the peanut gallery)

I saw these great tips on etsy this morning. I have copied and pasted them below. The normal text is taken directly from the etsy link. The italicized text is from yours truly. Etsy is a great resource/company/entity/powerhouse. Enjoy and use their tips as they make sense to you. For Your Display Inventory¬†‚Äď Bring ¬†everything […]