what a weekend!

As many of you know, I have recently moved to Indiana. This is VERY recent. As in last week. That said, I was able to come back for a super fun weekend-o-crafts!


First stop was Monroe. My friends Liz and Charlie are the best gardeners in the world. Their backyard looks like a wonderland. They belong to a Garden Club that was meeting in the beautiful building above. I set up shop and talked to some of the funniest, most polite people ever. I also made some bank, which was fun. The best part of the day was an amazing oatmeal cookie. That was trumped in the last minute by a woman buying the fascinator I made the night before right off my head!! (It is pictured below. I already miss it.)


The next day was the Flint Handmade Spring Market. That was super amazing fun! I had a super sale because I have lost square footage and have decided to streamline my handleber collection a bit. This resulted in a super sale of epic proportions. My table held every bit of handleber product I had, and as you can see, it wasn’t that much (compared to my packed table during the holidays).


There were also some special guest shoppers. First, these ladies (you can’t say girls when they have such fabulous dresses on) came to shop after cheering historic baseball. They looked at my goods and I asked to snap some pics, then talked about the La Di Dah’s of Greenfield Village fame. One girl bought one of my fascinators for her hat. I was SO excited!!!


During this week of crazy I was also in constant communication with a bride who is getting married Memorial Day weekend. She and I had nearly 100 posts back and forth on etsy about her colors, button choices, and picture updates on the progress of her bouquet. She was SO polite and wonderful. She even drove to Flint to pick it up! I was nervous and excited to see her reaction. She was thrilled. AND since she came to my booth first she was able to walk around holding my bouquet as she talked to all my crafty friend vendors. They liked it too, which meant the world to me.

This weekend was so exciting! It has been a while since I was up late crafting or up early vending. This weekend had several days of both. I rewarded myself with a 13 hour “nap.” (I told my husband at 7:00pm I was going upstairs to take a nap and I woke up this morning at 8:00am)

Thanks to all who shopped, visited, threw grilled cheese at me (that happened, and I of course didn’t catch it), and gave me well-wishes to Indy. I love my Detroit and Flint pals. ❤




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