Okay, fine. Gweneth is right.

When Gweneth Paltrow started GOOP I was kind of intrigued. A celeb was going to tell us about her food choices, fitness routines  and what she likes to do. It seemed kinda neat. However, when I clicked on yoga pants that were twice my mortgage and dropped the mic. “I’M OUT!”  (After writing this part I felt guilty, so I went back to check. Her spring “must haves” include this Valentino studded leather iPad case.) I realized that Gwen and I weren’t going to be cyber pals. I assumed the site and her “tips” would be out of reach for a simple crafty babe like me.

Well, years later a mutual friend of Gwen’s (you might know it… pinterest) shared a recipe for no-fry fries. These are her recipe. These are ridiculously good. These involve three ingredients: russet potatoes, olive oil, salt. They are AMAZING. The recipe is simple. I still took photos of the process for your amusement.

First you cut the potatoes into fry sized bites and put them in cold water.

My water didn’t seem that cold, so I added ice. Potatoes on the rocks.


Preheat the oven to 475. I waited until they were “on the rocks” so I’d be ready when the oven was.

Next, you dry them off with a paper towel.

I did a handful at a time and put them in a new bowl.


Once in the new bowl I added olive oil and salt. I mixed with my hands.


Next you put them on a cookie sheet. I didn’t spray it with PAM. But when I went to turn them in the oven they were stuck to the foil.

So either get crazy with olive oil, use parchment, or use PAM.


Here’s the final product! They tasted JUST like street fair fries. I was very happy with them.


You win this round, Gweneth. Maybe I judged too soon. Hook me up with more of these recipes. I will bookmark them in my gen 1 iPad. 🙂


Image (2)

(I still think she doesn’t get me) 😉


2 thoughts on “Okay, fine. Gweneth is right.

  1. I was totally intrigued with GOOP too when it started. Then like you, quickly found out that it really isn’t in the budget. I love the idea of it though. Hmmm… Anyway, I just wanted to mention since you were posting about the fries, that Reynold’s makes Non-Stick Foil. It’s truly AMAZING! I don’t use it for all my foil needs (because it’s a smaller roll and a tad more expensive) just when I don’t want things to stick to the pan. By the way… I love your blog! I need to read it more often. I like your writing style, the design and the cute pics you post. 🙂

    • Awe, thanks!

      I wish GOOP were more useful. But if these fries are all I get out of the deal I’m good. So yummy!

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