Small Craft- Big Fun!!!

I feel SO fortunate that Small Craft asked me to teach a Skill Share at the WAB this weekend! It was such an amazingly fun time. As always, Amy and Ethan created a stellar event with amazing Vegan baked goods. This time there were cupcakes, which were amazingly delish! I told Amy I still dream about the vegan donut I ate at the Trumbullplex this fall.

small 4

Materials: felt, bottle cap, embroidery floss, glue gun, and whatever you want the finished product to be! I brought wine charms and keychains, but some clever crafter created one to become a necklace pendant. You could make magnets, hair clips, and a billion more items! The coolest part about the event was all of the different interpretations of the craft. There were many non-rosette flowers to be seen!

Here are a few pictures of the event (more can be seen in Small Crafts facebook album):

small small2

Glass Action! had a pop-up shop. I am obsessed with everything she does. I have several necklaces for myself, have bought several as gifts, and my bathroom has a Bill Murray Nightlight. Yep, that’s right. Bill Murray. Carey is amazingly talented and it was fun to get another chance to hang with her.


In conclusion: awesome day! I loved the event, I loved watching mobile uploads of rosettes all over my news feed, and I felt the crafty love at the WAB. If you haven’t attended a Small Craft event, you need to! Go like their page now so you can stay in “the know.”




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