Spring Cleaning? How about Winter Organizing?!

I decided to make my pantry look glorious like all of those tutorials on Pinterest. I’m not done, but here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve done and how:

I bought Mason jars, a spice rack, removable chalkboard labels, and a chalkboard pen. The labels and pen were from etsy. They are amazing because they can be removed and put back on. The chalkboard words can be wiped off!!! I was so pumped when these arrived and they were a great buy! As far as the transferring of ingredients goes, I would recommend pouring these over the sink. It helped because some of the spices came out too fast and the oats were hard to pour. 🙂


I put all of my dry ingredients and pastas in the mason jars. I was keeping them in ziplock bags and it looked terrible. This looks MUCH better!


I put my spices in the spice rack. The look so much PRETTIER! It also helped me combine doubles.


I feel so organized now. Don’t these new labels make you want to bake?!!



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