Happy Valentine’s Day!


I used to teach in an elementary school. Valentine’s Day was always my favorite party. There was no stress of costumes and there was no “we’re about to have a two week holiday break” vibe. It was a low-key party with treats and tiny cards. I loved it.

I am not in the classroom this year, so I think I went a little crazy with the whole heart thing. I ended up making tiny heart shaped apple pies, heart shaped tandoori chicken naan pizzas, and a pepperoni pizza with heart shaped pepperoni. It was fun to use kitchen scissors to cut hearts big and small.


For this year’s gift I re-used some materials. I used a frame that was already in our house, paper a friend gave me, and a bag from a restaurant to wrap it. The only thing I bought was the paper for the background and the maps. The hearts represent were the boy and I both grew up and the center heart represents our first home. Awe. ❤


In an extra cheese-factor move, I have included the picture of the card for him from our cat, as well as how he used the wrapping to decorate our kitchen.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!!



One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. ha ha ha! that card is GREAT!!!!
    i still have my older students doing art that sorta goes along with holidays. we did paintings inspired by the wonderful wayne theibaud and his sweet treats this week in my high school painting class

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