Small Craft!

This month’s Small Craft was at Pot & Box in Ann Arbor. It was a VERY cool space that made me wish I was throwing a fancy rustic dance party. This month we learned how to make paper sculptures from books. The lovely Amanda from Dang Argyle taught the class. She had said in her blog post before the event that once she starting making these she couldn’t stop. I can see why. They turn out beautiful and the repetition is oddly comforting. I had a ton of fun!

Amanda teaching in the unique space


The steps that turned a book into an adorable tree


Some of my pals (Indie Lovely, Design Specimen, and Oh Sew Betty) making some treasures from books!


I had a great time hanging with my crafty pals! I also took advantage of the amazingness that was the Cellar Door pop up shop! I gave most of the soaps I purchased in December away as gifts, but now I get to smell pretty again! I was able to try one of their new scents, as pictured below:


I am sure I didn’t buy it because my name was in it…. okay, maybe that caught my eye. But it smells amazing, too. 

I had a great time at Small Craft. It had been several weeks since I was at a crafty event and I was missing my pals. There’s something therapeutic about creating something while swapping stories with your pals. Next month’s Small Craft will be at the WAB and I get to present the craft! Glass Action will be the pop-up shop. More details soon!!!!




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