Valentine’s Day Tutorial


I love Valentine’s Day. It has three of my favorite things: pink, hearts, and carbs. The January tutorial is a cool gift you can make for friends, your valentine, or a fun decoration for yourself! We will be making felt fortune cookies. Since there’s so many tasty treats to enjoy like heart shaped red velvet pancakes, this is a treat that you don’t eat. Instead, you just make things super cute! I certainly didn’t invent felt fortune cookies. However, they are quite easy to make, very affordable, and provide the surprise factor of “what does my valentine want to say?” (I think snarky ones would be quite fun, but I listed some regular ones for the blog.)

Materials: felt, scissors, glue gun, wire (I used floral wire), pen, paper


Cut a circle out of the felt. Cut a skinny piece of felt to go across the center. Cut a slightly smaller piece of wire (so no one gets poked). Following the directions on your hot glue gun, glue the wire to the center of the circle. Cover the wire with the small felt rectangle. Add more glue if necessary to ensure it is covered.

how to 1

Fold the circle in half. As shown below, curl the corners toward each other so it makes a smiley face.

how to 2

Then have fun writing some cute, silly, or snarky messages to stuff inside!

sayingsThat’s it!

Pay no attention to the lack of a proper manicure. I’ve got stuff to do. Whatevs. Also, remember these are not actually edible. They contain small parts, so little children shouldn’t use them. And hot glue guns are called hot glue guns because they are HOT. So be careful! Enjoy!!!




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