Martin Luther King Jr Day

I have always been fascinated with Martin Luther King Jr. It isn’t just because he was a powerful speaker, it is also because of his message. MLK’s views of non-violence are still inspiring to me. His stance on non-violence did not mean he was passive by any means. He wanted change. He wanted equality, and he inspired others to want and fight for the same.




Martin Luther King’s ideas about non-violence were based on Gandhi’s teachings and success with non-violent protests. Gandhi’s words are also still used today when speaking of peace, love, and the changing the unjust.




My words won’t be as memorable as Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. Hopefully, as I go through this life, my actions will be ones I can be proud of. I look up to these two men as sources of hope, love, and the ability to make changes for the greater good. I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!


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