Wrap Star Day 12: Ornaments serve two purposes!

I used to make ornaments for my friends and family. It was fun for me to make and people seemed to really like them. Now, I can see my ornaments on the trees of friends and family. It is a cool way to have yourself be a part of someone’s holiday traditions. The ornaments used in the wrapping today were not created by me. They were actually created from some talented local ladies. ūüôā

I wrapped a present with a Mannymade ornament yesterday. Today I am showing two gifts. The first ¬†is a gift for the boy, so it needed a manly ornament. It was very simple to wrap: postal paper, yarn, and an ornament from Naka’s Ornamentacular. This one was from Amy of My Marigold. I really like how this finished package has a¬†monochromatic¬†look to it.


The second wrapping technique is similar: postal paper and yarn. The gift inside? Sander’s Chocolates! I wrapped them with a beautiful glass Christmas tree made by Glass Action! I specifically asked for these colors and I LOVE how they turned out.


That ends the twelve days of wrapping. As a thank you for reading, there are two discount custom order packages on etsy. Check them out before they are gone!

I hope you have a lovely holiday,



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