Wrap Star Day 9: Pee-wee would approve

Yesterday my friend Kelly and I were talking about Cellar Door Soap Co. First off, they have an amazing product. Second  it looks adorbs. Third, it is the perfect gift to keep on hand when you need a treasure as a last-minute gift. The caveat,  as Kelly and I discussed, is that we secretly hope we don’t need to give it away so we can keep it and smell like peppermint mocha or repel zombies.

Alas, I am going to have to give some soap as gifts. The people deserve it. They are well loved. And in anticipation of this I doubled down on my peppermint mocha soap. One for me, one for … who?

I found a cool tutorial on how to make fabric bows for cupcake toppers. It worked well for this. HOWEVER- this is not a tutorial for a real fancy bow one would wear. There’s only fabric scraps, *hot glue* and scissors needed. So it will make a cute bow in a relatively speedy/affordable way:


This bow looked ADORABLE on the soaps because it didn’t cover the product, only the back of the label. It is also easily removable so friends/loved ones can stock up on soap. It isn’t, however, durable for everyday use. Carry these bows around like the prince’s helper-dude carried that glass slipper.

Even so, time for a Cellar Door Soap Co fashion show:






*hot glue is HOT- follow directions on the glue gun and be safe. for reals.*


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