Ah, memories…


I went to my mom’s house to pick up a cool angel, as well as drop off the gifts for the kiddos in my family. When I was there the living room was just as I was reminiscing about it the day before. My parents would let me sleep in and generally have to wake me up on Christmas  When I did get up, they would turn on the coffee pot. I would get hot cocoa. We would sit in a triangle: my mom on the couch, my dad on the chair on the right, and me on the floor. We’d each have our pile of presents and take turns opening. Afterward, we’d eat my dad’s famous “cheesy eggs” and listen to Christmas tunes. It was the best. I decided to take some pictures of my favorite ornaments, as well as a few I made and share them on the blog.

This was my favorite ornament. I was able to place it on the tree each year.


My dad loved Howdy Doody.


I think this glitter tree was from preschool


This frog is my second favorite ornament

CameraAwesomePhoto (3)

I made the stocking ornament in first grade and the mom one in college

CameraAwesomePhoto (1)

I made this ornament this year

CameraAwesomePhoto (2)

I made my babysitter take pictures of me modeling when I was little. Totally normal. Here’s proof in a frame.

CameraAwesomePhoto (4)

This is an ornament I made in bible class. It reads “he good god”

CameraAwesomePhoto (5)

Felt Stocking Ornament


My Stocking since I was a little girl



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