Wrap Star Day 6: Washi doin?

Washi tape is my favorite. FAVORITE! I used to struggle with wrapping gifts with ribbon and washi tape just makes SO much more sense. It doesn’t squirm around. It looks fabulous. Sometimes it is even on sale.

The gifts below were simple kraft boxes and pillow boxes. All I did was add washi tape and some A-Dorable 3D stickers. I bought these because my friend calls his dad the Gnome. There’s a gift for him in one of those boxes. The other box went to my boss. I made her some cluster pins for her blazers and loved that the owl letter press card matched the 3D cuteness I attached to the box.

These gifts took less than 5 minutes to wrap total. And I love them.


The Gnome and his family will love this one… I love the washi border the gnomes are standing on. πŸ™‚


I am all out of that gold washi tape. Sadness. Martha made it. Also, check the cool envelope that came with the owl card!

That’s it for today. So easy. The blog took longer to write than it took me to wrap. I think this would be a super fun idea to decorate with the kiddos. Though sometimes they want to use every sticker or cover all the space. So you may want a less is more talk. This is coming from a girl who managed to fit 4 ladybugs on that top gift. Who am I to say less is more?! πŸ™‚

Have fun!



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