Wrap Star day 4- mason jars are the coolest

Mason jars make everything pretty: gifts, food, jams, flower arrangements… you can put most ANYTHING in one of these jars and it instantly looks refined and handmade. I plan on making a raspberry sauce for some family and pour it in these lovely containers (don’t worry, there’ll be a blog post/recipe later this week).

I made some DELICIOUS cookies for a party this evening. They are red velvet crinkle cookies. This recipe was found on pinterest, like most things I’ve tried in my kitchen. The cookies looked like the end of Scarface, but I assure you the picture below is simply cookies and powdered sugar. 🙂


These cookies look absolutely divine. I love red velvet cake because it is SO delicious. I was afraid I wouldn’t like these cookies, on account of the lack of cream cheese frosting. It turns out I still love them. I DO think dunking them in cream cheese frosting would be an improvement.

If you ask me, food looks fabulous on white plates. I am going to a party this evening and didn’t want to forget the my plate (classic move on my part). Instead, I used a turquoise plate, which contrasts with the deep red cookies quite nicely.


The “wrap star” portion is an easy one. Weekends are busy. All you need is cookies, a jar, and a circle of fabric. As you can see, the circle I cut was more of an oval. But whatevs. It is totally the thought that counts!


Here are the wrapping steps:

  1. Fill the jar with cookies
  2.  Place the silver disk thingy on the jar.
  3. Cut a circle of fabric. Cover said silver disk thingy with  a circle of fabric.
  4. Screw the jar lid on top of said fabric/silver disk thingy combo.
  5. Fill out a pretty tag. Afterward, tie it around the jar.

Done! Look how pretty!





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