Wrap Star Day 2: Sassy Wrapping for a Hot Mama

Today’s wrapping adventure is focusing on wrapping items I bought at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. These items include stunning Christmas sweater wrapping paper from Sibling, adorable illustrated tags from Sloe Gin Fizz, and letterpress owl tags which were beautifully handcrafted by Elf Letterpress.


This wrapping paper is, as previously mentioned, stunning. It also happens to be the same color of my mom’s eyes. So, I had to wrap this for my hottie mama.

First, I knew I’d have 4 presents. 3 have been purchased  I completely wrapped two smaller gifts in the paper. I used it as an accent to kraft paper in the larger box. I have a piece left for gift #4, which I may pick up at Naka or The Rustbelt Market this evening. Who knows where the evening will take me….

Here’s the three wrapped gifts before embellishments:


I wanted each to have a different tag. I ended up swapping the given twine for the one I used to wrap the gifts. Have no fear. I am going to combine those twine bits to make a pom-pom/poof for a gift before this 12 days of wrapping ends. 🙂


As seen above, each tag had my mom’s name hand stamped on. The letters are individual. I like them on a tag. I put them on presents yesterday and didn’t like the letters floating around so much. The tags seem to anchor the letters, though. Check out this action shot of me stamping “mama” on a tag.


The last gift was embellished with washi tape. I actually taped the tag’s twine in place. Then I made a washi bow to accent the top. I tried on my own, which was pretty bad. So I searched the web and found this tutorial, which saved the day.


I am signing off with a picture of the PERFECT matching of paper. There’s a taped line there, but you’ll never find it. Boom.




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