Tonight was full of merriment and cheer. I giggled because I realized I was sitting at a table of four blogger/crafters: Anne of Indie Lovely, Michelle of Aisle3- Upcycle Your Life, and Tracie of Radical Recycks. I think it’ll be funny if we all give our “take” on the evening.


My evening started around 3:00pm, when I purchased the embroidery items needed for my first ever cross stitch. I asked the sales woman close by if I needed a hoop when doing cross stitching. She had no idea and asked everyone on a walkee-talkee. They didn’t know. At $2.00 I bought the darn hoop. I took these items and went to the WAB to learn how to cross stitch from Anne (Yes, this was supposed to be ornament related, but I didn’t need to make any more ornaments and I DID need to know how to cross stitch).

Before ANY cross stitching could be done. I had to take care of business.

In this case, that meant eat some nachos and drink some WAB root beer!


It turns out cross stitching is pretty fun! I was having too much fun talking and didn’t end up getting much done. There’s a lot of counting involved. I also spent half of the time getting my image centered. You can see how much (or little) I accomplished below. The mood lighting is a result of the WAB turning the lights down right when we started cleaning up. It makes me look like the Hemmingway of cross stitchery.


Afterward, the four of us stepped out on the town to visit The Rustbelt Market and Naka. They were having an Ornamentacular event, where $1 of your ornament purchase went to a good cause. I bought two fabulous ornaments, but wanted them all! Check out the awesome display:


Maybe it is the delicious punch and cookies swimming around in my belly, but I am feeling all warm and tingly about the holidays. This year has had some super fun adventures. I cannot wait for more!




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