Wrap Star Day 1: Indie Lovely makes gifts lovely (obviously)

When at DIYpsi last weekend I ran into Anne, of Indie Lovely fame. She and I were talking about her cute gift wrap sets and I mentioned this project. She and I decided it would be best to kick off these 12 days with something AMAZING, such as her gift wrap kits.

I was really excited this morning to wrap! Now I was all set up to wrap one present from this kit. This ended up turning into SIX presents that looked beautiful and cohesive. The only items of my own used to wrap were three craft paper boxes, two pieces of scotch tape, and a pair of scissors. The rest is her kit and the pretty presents I am so excited to give! The kit included a polka dot paper bag, twine on a clothes pin, two stickers on a white sheet I ended up using, a card and envelope, washi tape,  and a gift tag (which held said washi tape).

Here’s the before and after of the gift wrap kit contents:


The first gift I wrapped was a purple flower from Re-zip it! I initially was going to use a box for this because the paper bag was rolled up and I thought it was a portion of gift wrap. Once I realized it was a bag, I tossed the box aside and went to work. I used the bag, twine, a sticker, a piece of washi tape and the card/envelope. Look how pretty!


The next gifts I decorated were for some special ladies. I put in some clothespin magnets from Haylee’s Paper Love, lip gloss, a hair pin from So Very Charming, and a chevron button from Barrel of Monkeys. I didn’t want to make the gifts “matchy.” I used washi tape and a sticker for one and twine for the other. I accented the twine one with the button, which is a part of the present. Same gift, two ways!


I bought these wicked awesome coasters from Elf Letter Press. I decided to wrap these in the last craft box. I used the washi tape to keep the box closed and I think it looked really cool! I was surprised at how much washi tape came in this kit. I was using it sparingly at first, but kinda went nuts with this one. 🙂  I used twine to finish the gift because I like when gifts have bows.


I kind of McGyvered the next gift. This is because it came with one of those ugly white cardboard sleeves. I decided to turn it inside out so it was the postal paper color of the rest of the gifts. Then I drew snowflakes, wrote “let it snow” and added the to/from. I frankensteined it back together using some gold washi tape then added…. you guessed it…. a twine bow. I like how it turned out! It looks like a crafty book of matches. 🙂


The next two gifts happened because I wanted to decorate gifts that were both aesthetically pleasing and fit the color scheme of this kit. Then instead of covering them completely, I was going to use the remainder of the twine, washi tape, and gift tag to finish the kit.

Here’s a notepad from Mark Sarmel that just needed a bow. I love me some bows.


The last gift isn’t really a gift. It is my jam. I will probably use it today. But the jam from Jam by Hand matched the color scheme and I wanted to practice decorating jars. So I used the scraps from the twine to make a “poof,” which I attached to the clothespin with washi tape. I surrounded the jar with the sheet used for storing stickers and the remainder of the washi tape. Then I added the tag, claiming territory that this jam in indeed mine. Everyone needs to treat themselves after a job well done!


That’s it! I ended up wrapping 6 gifts, 5 of which will be given to family and friends. These gifts all ended up looking really great together. They have a cool rustic/folky look to them.


If you’d like to score one of these kits, there’s an etsy listing here. Each kit is different, and each one is in this general folky/adorable scheme. Check them out!





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