On Cyber Monday I offered several deals. There were 3 deals on gift wrapped rings, which were all purchased. I also had some deals on two clusters, which could be made to be hair clips or pins. These clusters also came with a free rosette ring. There were also discounted cluster pins. This sale resulted in a large mail day on what I will call “post office Tuesday.” Check out all of these packages that went out the next day!


I knew most of the people who took advantage of the cyber Monday deals, including Jen. She bought the grey cluster set, as pictured below. I asked her if she wanted hair clips or pins. She told me. Then I put the package in the mail. Boom, Cyber Monday was a success!


A few days ago I received a message from Jen. She was having trouble finding the hair clips and wanted to know if they were hidden… I couldn’t figure out why they would be difficult to spot. As I thought back about the process I realized I missed a key step: sold, asked pins or hair clips, shipped. I didn’t actually add the clips! I generally only sell finished products, so I guess this was a new concept. I didn’t have the process down yet. I was VERY fortunate that Jen is a friend, and a very understanding one at that!

Today I stopped by her home to make a house call. I plugged in my glue gun. She then decided to make one a clip and one a pin. This is a game time decision that wouldn’t have been made if I hadn’t messed up. As you can see below, while my ego is still a bit bruised, Jen is pleased with the final products! (I also threw in a “sorry I forgot to add hair clips” ornament for good measure)


I guess mistakes happen. I find it best to admit when one makes mistakes and then fix them ASAP. I have certainly learned from this and will likely quadruple check each package now, as opposed to double check. Or in this case, discount double check. I saw they were the correct items, but didn’t check for clips… 🙂

Special shout out to Jen for being so understanding. The bonus was catching up with she and her husband and talking about Hawaii.  Maybe I should do house calls more often…



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