I visited DIYpsi this afternoon. I was one of the first 50 shoppers so I could snag a cool DIYpsi tote bag filled with treasures. I was actually concerned about arriving EXACTLY at 11am to ensure I’d receive one. This was a good idea, as they were gone before 11:15. šŸ™‚ Here’s a pic I snagged from their facebook page showing the bag/goodies:

The event was located at Corner Brewery. I love that place because they haveĀ deliciousĀ drinks and food. It is also a cozy spot for a show. I tried to snag pictures of all of my pals. It was hard to do because of crowds, and unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of everyone’s full booths. Ā Here’s a tour of some of the peeps I saw, as well as some of their products:

Barrel of Monkeys

Cellar Door Soap Co.Ā (I had to do a double shot because his name tag cracked me up)


Reware Vintage

Chuppy Love


Oh Sew Betty


Indie Lovely


Dang Argyle


Hip to Piece Squares


Jason Gibner


Sloe Gin Fizz


Small Craft


I had a great time hanging with my crafty peeps! It was nice to hang and walk around and shop without worrying about how my booth was doing. I ended up staying quite a while because I made a Tomten with Small Craft. Then my friend Kelly called and I stayed to meet her and shop. So I was there quite a bit. Thank goodness I flew under the radar with a Garfield Christmas sweatshirt and white cat-eye glasses! Oh wait…. :p




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