Santa Shop

I was able to be a vendor at a Secret Santa Shop at a school in Flint. This event interested me because it asked for handmade gifts, which was much different than the Secret Santa Shops I went to.  The children were super happy to pick out gifts for their loved ones. I made sure to wrap them, just as I had at previous holiday shows, so they were suitable for gifting. It was a great experience. Here’s a few pictures of what I sold:

Hair clips


Chalkboard Ornaments


Flower Ornaments


Cork Boards


The event was made even more exciting because of my friends Crystal (aka Flint Handmade‘s executive director of awesome) and Danielle (aka my crafty pal at all the craftLABS). They both kept me company and made the day super awesome.

What a fun day!


2 thoughts on “Santa Shop

  1. The kids and staff loved your merchandise, Handleber! Thank you for contributing to the holiday cheer at Durant Tuuri Mott (the BEST elementary school in Flint, MI!) 🙂

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