DUCF Part 1 (the mushy reflection piece)


I apologize in advance for the mushy tone of this blog post. I am home from the Detroit Urban Craft Fair. It was amazing, as always. When I used to go to shop for gifts at DUCF I never anticipated being a vendor. Then 2011 happened.

When I was a vendor last year at Handmade Detroit’s DUCF it was my second craft show. Ever. I was completely overwhelmed with the sales I’d had, as well as how wonderful and supportive the crafting community was. I was a “new kid” on the scene and, for the most part, I stayed inside my booth and sold felt treasures.  I was pretty shy.

This year? I was no longer the “new kid” and was so excited to see many of my new crafty friends in one place. I joked that it felt like “prom,” because it was an exciting event I couldn’t wait to attend (and perhaps bought new dresses for). I am still so overwhelmed with how wonderful everyone has been and grateful for the friendships and support I’ve received.  Here’s a few examples of how things change in a year:

Last year I met Brandon and Beth (Cellar Door Soap Co.). This year I looked forward to catching up with them, talking mutual friends, and holiday parties.

Betty (Oh Sew Betty) was at Flint Handmade and Handmade Detroit’s shows last year.  When I saw Betty’s booth at DUCF in 2011 I said “Hey, she was at the show last week!” This time I said BETTY AND I ARE NEIGHBORS!!! I followed that up be visiting her booth like 8 times a day.

I have always drooled over Heather’s (Re-Zip It!) amazing zipper flowers. This year we made a flower trade and she even surprised me with homemade some sugar scrub! I can’t wait to use it!!

Chris (of Rustbelt Market fame) and I had met last year when I inquired about renting a space in January. This year I hung out with him and gave him props on how AMAZING his cardboard gingerbread house was. The candies Tiffany (also of Rustbelt Market fame) made looked good enough to eat!

This year I even had custom orders on deck to both give and receive. I had requested a large custom order of secret gifts from Carey (Glass Action). She gave them to me Saturday morning and I was IN LOVE! I kind of want to keep them all, but will settle for keeping one. I was also able to make several pins, hair clips, headbands and a ring for Christine (Design Specimen) as a thank-you for a VERY generous button collection donation she gave me at a Small Craft event.

I knew Anne (Indie Lovely) as the photographer who took the amazing class photo last year (and this year).  Now I know Anne as someone I can find to giggle and talk crafty ideas with.

There were a zillion more interactions from new friends that I could’ve added. The bottom line is I feel fortunate to have been treated so well by the Detroit crafting community. I am so grateful to be able to be a part of DUCF two years in a row. I cannot express my gratitude in words. I hope the smiles I shared and high-fives I…. fived…. showed how great of a time I had. Thanks so much to everyone who helped plan the event, promote it, volunteer, make amazing food for vendors, shopped, smiled, said hello, and played amazing vinyl records. Detroit is the best!



Coming soon:

DUCF Part 2 (what a difference a year makes for my products/display)

DUCF Part 3 (the amazing stuff I bought that I couldn’t share until after I gave it to friends and family)


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