Flint Handmade Holiday Market

This weekend I was a vendor at Flint Handmade’s Holiday Market. It was a fabulous event where I was able to hang with some of my crafty pals, score a sweet trade, buy several Christmas gifts, and sell some of my felt treasures. One new addition this year was the yarn brigade. They were able to put scarves outside of the Masonic Temple, which could be taken by anyone who needed it. These were set out Friday night. I thought it was perfect timing because the wind was so strong Friday and Saturday. Today I woke up and there was snow on the ground. If that isn’t scarf weather, I don’t know what is!

One of the parts about shows that I look forward to is hanging with other vendors. When I first started I was so pumped to meet customers and talk about the events and shopping and ask what they’d purchased from other vendors. However, I didn’t know many myself. In just a year I have several vendors that I look forward to seeing. Shows have become like family reunions. That is something I didn’t anticipate, but really enjoy about shows. Enough mushy stuff. Let’s look at some photos!

Here’s a look at my table:


As you can see from a closer look at one of the photos, I will be spending this week replenishing my necklace supply….

If you thought you heard something break yesterday, it was probably my heart. One of my favorite necklaces was purchased yesterday. It was one of the first Downton pieces. It is funny how attached I get to certain items. The new owner was super excited, which made it easier for me. 😛

I spent last week replenishing my headband supply, and had several new ones on display.

I am making a few more for custom order and  DUCF this week. These are really popular this year.

Thanks to Flint for another amazing show! I am off to work on replenishing my necklace supply before next weekend. Wish me luck!



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