Holy Toledo!

Yesterday was Handmade Toledo’s Maker’s Mart. It was a first year event, and heavily promoted on facebook, in Toledo papers, and on the web. I was super pumped because there were several artists I’d recently discovered on the Maker’s Mart facebook page and I wanted to start my holiday shopping.

When we arrived to set up I looked left and right and realized I was in trouble- I wanted to buy everything I saw! The two new (to me) artists I was really looking forward to meeting were Mannymade:

and paperDENIMart:

I ended up acquiring holiday gifts from both artists, as well as a little something from Emily West-Lowry Designs for myself. That’s just how I shop. I’m an only child- we’re lucky there were more purchased for others than myself. 🙂

I was beyond elated that I was able to be placed next to my crafty babe pal Oh Sew Betty. First off, she’s one of my faves because she is cute as a button and always wears pretty dresses she made herself. Second  she’s mad talented. I have a foxy pillow from her and am waiting until after the holiday craziness to order a black and white polka dot circle skirt from her. She’s the best. Third, she’s like the mayor of Toledo. I told some of her Roller Derby pals that I felt like the first lady sitting next to Betty.  🙂

I didn’t take a zillion pictures of the display. Generally it is slow at the beginning of a show and that’s when I take pretty pictures because everything is so organized and fully stocked. Yesterday a woman walked up, picked up a pin and bought it within the first 10 minutes of being opening and that’s just the kind of show it was. So I apologize in advance for the lack of photographic evidence of the amazing show. Lucky for us all, Anne from Indie Lovely was there snapping pictures, so that should result in some amazing shots to share later. (Funny side bar- Anne was about to take my picture and I posed like one of those kids from Toddlers and Tiaras. I am so comfortable with Anne and my crafty community that I forgot to keep my only child posing for pictures in check. So funny. I didn’t do spirit fingers, though…)

Here’s a few pictures I did manage to take yesterday:

The complimentary tags I used to help make the holidays even more handmade for my customers:


The hair clip wall when placed around a table… I am seriously IN LOVE with this thing.It is my top display purchase of the year:

hair clip wall

A close shot of myself and the table:


Hanging with my girl Betty at the crAFTER party:

crafty bff's

A pumpkin whoopie pie that was SO GOOD I actually savored it for about an hour (I’m a fast eater), then complimented the chef after it was gone:


I will hopefully add some shots that Anne took in a Holiday Show Recap on my blog in late December.

I had the best day in Toledo yesterday. It wasn’t just for the sales (which were amazing), it was because everyone was SO NICE! Women came up to stop and tell me that it looked like my products took a lot of time and that they were beautiful. Others purchased items and just looked so happy about it. I joked at the crAFTER party that people basically said “I love you, I love your work, you look skinny.” They were just such a nice group of down to earth people. For reals.

Thank you Toledo for being so amazing,


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