I met Wanda Sykes!

On Friday I went to Roast with my BFF. We went early because there’s a happy hour. Why wouldn’t we want to be happy? I have gone to Roast once before and the hostess was VERY accommodating. You see, I broke up with a gym and the owners (who knew me by name) were also dining at the restaurant  The hostess happily seated me far away.

This time, whilst enjoying a discount beverage, I saw something pretty amazing. WANDA SYKES walked by us and sat in the corner of the restaurant  The first thing I did was to “play it cool.” This involved walking to that end of the restaurant to look out the window for my imaginary car then walk past her table. I was pretty sure it was her. So, I did what anyone would do…. I asked the hostess. She smiled. I asked to be sat near her with the promise of not being creepy. She allowed it.

We sat down and I realized there was no way to talk to her without interrupting her meal and making things weird. What was I going to do? Then, an idea popped up! I saw them look at the dessert menu. When her waiter left I went up to him and asked for the dessert to be put on my bill. Baller. When the dessert was dropped off, my waitress said “this is compliments of the woman with the yellow flower.” That was me. She said thanks and I raised my glass to her like that’s just what my BFF and I do on Friday nights. I was happy as a clam.

As she left, Wanda came to thank us. I thanked her for being a positive role model for women. She left and I walked on sunshine. I didn’t ask for a photo because I was trying to act like a baller. I was also being respectful. She was so polite and lovely in person. That’s why I used the picture above. I have joked in the past that I am letting out my “Wanda Sykes” when I get fired up about something or someone because this is how I usually picture her:

Previously I would  picture Wanda fired up about politics and inequalities and the unjust. Now I will picture her smiling about a nice gesture on a nice evening.



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