Wedding Babes

As previously noted, watching someone connect with one of my items is such an amazing feeling. Several friends have seen people rocking handleber necklaces out and about. I have seen girls wearing my rings and hair accessories on the town, and friends wearing necklaces and other accessories as well. That is such an amazing feeling when it happens. I remember sitting down in a restaurant and watching someone I didn’t know walk by wearing a handleber headband. I giggled with delight for quite a bit when that happened.

This feeling is intensified a MILLION times over again when I get to be a part of someone’s wedding day. I have made several wedding bouquets and accessories for people in the U.S. Only recently did I get to make accessories for people I knew.

One wedding was an Orange and Grey theme. I thought it was a very unique color combination and couldn’t wait to see how the colors came out. I started by making several orange and grey hair accessories. This was followed by a request to make 3 necklaces in a similar theme. If you click the photo with the super cute orange shoes you’ll be taken to a blog with more photos of the wedding/color scheme.

hair clips

 statement necklace w/pearls

The second wedding I was able to be a part of had several requests: a dozen faygo bottle bouquets, a wedding bouquet, a button-ere, and a rose. The color scheme was magpie blue (I ended up using several hues), and the bottle bouquets were in jewel tones. Check it out:


Faygo bottle bouquets


bridal babe

This wedding was so much fun to be a part of because the bride and groom are wedding photographers. They are “in the know” about special days and chose my products to be a part of theirs. I cannot express my gratitude for that. The groom snapped a picture of his beautiful babe walking toward him to become his wife. In my humble opinion, that’s the cutest thing ever!

I love being a part of people’s special day. I cannot express how exciting it is to see the pictures!! Better yet, the brides get to put their bouquet on their mantle or give it to their children. It is an heirloom to keep and it is an honor to make them.


(pssst- The Orange/grey necklace picture was taken by Jenna Randall Photography and the last picture was taken by Annie O’Neill Photography)


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