“signs” of the holidays

Today was my first craft fair of the holiday season. I have been steadily creating a myriad of items this fall in preparation for these shows. I find that every show I want to add a new element to my display or a new product. That’s just how I roll. This holiday season is no different. I wanted to have larger attractive signs for the holiday shows that said the price of my products to simplify my customer’s shopping experience. I was really proud of how they first turned out and immediately shared one on facebook:

(I find that adding a napping cat always enhances the “wow factor”)

I had a problem with all the negative space, so I added fun borders to all of the signs. When I set up for the show today and added the signs it just felt right. Everything was easily labeled and priced. I think it helped shoppers determine what each set of items was. That is a problem I face, as most of my items are felt flowers. I have to ensure that it is clear what each flower’s “purpose in life” is. Another way I did that was to separate the flower pins and hair clips into completely different displays. I used to have both in similar boxes for easy shopping. This season I have attached the clips to a very cool  standing “wall. I can now pull a “flight attendant” and show the location of the hair clip wall vs. pin box with the wave of my hand. Delightful!

The cool unexpected part happened when I went to pack up. Usually I place all of the items in separate bins and inspect them carefully when I need to take items back out to post on etsy or do inventory. This time I realized my life was even cooler than ever because the new signs also doubled as labels for inside my bins and ziplock bags!! Look how fantastic this looks:

I’m in love with my new signs and “hair clip wall.” I cannot wait for this display to continue to evolve throughout the holiday season. I already have ideas in mind for my next few shows. Even so, I am happy to put my feet up for the evening and watch some Netflix. I’ve earned it. 🙂





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