Holiday Show Season

This weekend is the first of 5 holiday show commitments. I will be a busy lady! Last year I was a vendor at Flint Handmade’s Holiday Market and Handmade Detroit’s Detroit Urban Craft Fair. This year I am SO LUCKY to do both of those amazing shows again, along with Handmade Toledo’s Maker’s Mart, this Saturday’s Countryside Craft Fair in Flint, and a Secret Santa Shop in Flint, which I am SO excited about!!

Last year was my first rodeo, so I had no idea how much to make or what would sell. I have a better idea of what to make this time, but doing five shows has resulted in making a ton of items! This is the first year I’ll be selling ornaments. I will be making the classic handleber flower ornament, as well as some fabric ones (picture below). These were created with the Secret Santa Shop in mind, but I will be bringing a small stash of them to other shows as well.

One reason I love vending is so I can get my holiday shopping done as well! I love buying local and unique items are always a-plenty at these shows. I cannot wait to see what I find this year!! I have already been eyeing some facebook pages of fellow vendors to scope out their treasures. The thing about craft shows is that you can actually pick up the items and speak with the person who made them. While I love etsy, I miss that part when buying/selling there. I am a “people person” and I love helping people find the perfect gift from my collection. Even though there’s something fun about seeing a person connect with my stuff, the sparkle in a gift-giver’s eye is so special!! I had a few guys at DUCF last year shop with their girlfriends/wives, then come back to the table and basically throw money at me and hide their new statement necklace in their coat. It was hilarious and cute how frantic and proud they were. Those moments were what made the event so fun! I wonder if this necklace will be showed into someone’s coat really quickly this time…

Come visit me to find out! I hope to see you at these events this season! If I don’t, fear not. I will re-cap each event with pictures and stories. My etsy shop will be open during the week as well. Don’t forget to order early so there’s time to ship. 🙂

Happy shopping!


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