Holidaaaay…. celebraaate…..

Halloween is almost here. I am kind of bummed because it looks like it is going to rain, which means there aren’t going to be many kiddos to give candy to. This means that people who purchased lots of candy will be left with most of it. This works out for the kids who are brave enough to face the elements because people will give them large amounts of candy. But everyone is going to have some left over. There are so many cool families who just want to make Halloween a good time!

You never know when a “rain out” is going to occur, so I find it is best to buy candy that is SUPER awesome just in case you’re stuck with it. Some people buy candy they don’t like so they don’t eat it. Here’s the problem: if you buy candy you don’t like the kiddos might not like  it. You have to BELIEVE in your product. The other, perhaps more socially damaging problem, is that you will inevitably bring this gross candy to work to “share with your co-workers.” Now you’re known as the person who tries to get rid of gross candy on his/her peers. You don’t want to be that guy. Buy awesome candy!

I will still have my candy ready to go at the door on Wednesday. If no one shows up I will keep some for myself, then make awesome candy bags for pals. That’s a gift that keeps on giving (until it is gone… fun size candies don’t last forever, folks).

Happy (almost) Halloween,


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