October Tutorial: Tissue Paper Flowers

This weekend is a birthday party extravaganza. I decided to have a make your own taco/nacho/burrito bar. I am a VERY high maintenance food orderer. At Taco Bell there’s like 35 changes or substitutions…  I can’t help it. Mama knows what she likes. Even so, I tried to come up with a menu that was tailored for individuals. They will be nacho artists. We had this once before and my cousin made a double decker taco. Basically, my family is like the staff at Edison’s Menlo Park. We always have great ideas.

I wanted to have a fiesta vibe in the house, which was a PERFECT excuse to make tissue paper flowers. I’ve been crafting so much for holiday shows that I wanted to make a fun “not for the business” craft. I have pinned about 43 tutorials on Pinterest. However, every time I tried these tutorials I kept ripping the flowers. They looked sad and weird and torn. They were like the lost boys from Peter Pan.

Finally, I found a tutorial that helped because the blogger suggested that pieces be 10×5. That shape helped immensely. I was using the entire tissue paper rectangle, which was far too large. I still kept ripping the paper, though. So, I added an extra step. I would suggest looking at the tutorial I linked, as it is really good. Here is my tutorial (with a few tweaks) for your enjoyment:

Step one: Cut the paper. I used stacks of 8. Some people make them all one color. I didn’t because it is a fiesta and I wanted to get CRAZY! I ended up cutting a few 10×5 inch rectangles, as suggested from the link above. I also cut a few similar looking larger rectangles. I had a few thin strips left. I am using that paper to make tissue paper flower tooth picks for cupcakes.  That’ll be another blog post. 🙂

Step two: accordion fold the paper. The first time I made these I actually folded 8 sheets of tissue paper individually. That doesn’t work. Stack 8 pieces on top of each other, as suggested above, and accordion fold them as one happy tissue paper unit. After, it is suggested that you use wire to tie them together. I used yarn because I had it lying around. I was also getting traumatized about how much tissue paper ripped at my first attempts, so I was hoping the soft yarn might increase my chances of success.

Step 3: Cut the edges so they are rounded or so they have points. It was hard for my scissors to do this all at once for the larger accordion folds because it was so much paper stacked up. So I would accordion fold half way and cut the edge, then keep going. They weren’t perfect. It was okay. I was having a shabby chic fiesta, apparently. Here’s examples of how rounded edge and pointy edge flowers turn out:



FYI: This is what your carpet will look like when you’re done with this step… I used a lint roller to get the stubborn scraps that were stuck in the carpet. I am basically the MacGyver of crafting.

Step 4: This is the part where my paper flowers would rip. You are supposed to pull them apart from the center individually and spread them out. Unfortunately, my tissue paper didn’t like being independent. I found it was easier to fan the tissue paper out like an accordion as pictured below:

I added an additional part to this process. What I did was take both “butterfly wings” pictured above and separate those into halves. The paper was much more willing to move in a small group. AFTER this step I was able to carefully separate the tissue paper. There were still a few tears, but a lot less. NBD. Shabby chic fiesta, folks. Here’s how they look once you halvsies the “butterfly wings” like I did:

When separating the flowers, the yarn didn’t do much. I just made sure it stuck out of one end so I could hang it. When I was finished I was ready to decorate mi casa!!



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