I’m officially the Sorting Hat

I have made several new flowers for the holiday season. The hard part is deciding what becomes a pin, hair clip, headband, or necklace. Sometimes I have a specific friend/crafty babe client in mind, so I know what something is going to be as I assemble. Sometimes I just LOVE a color combo and have to make it. I don’t decide what it will be until later. That’s when I wish I had the phone number for Hogwarts so I could call the Sorting Hat and ask for help.

I am all about feedback, which is one of the reasons I LOVE going to craft shows. Sometimes people will suggest ideas that they would like to see, and I try to accommodate these requests when possible. Some recent feedback is that I need to have smaller whisper clusters for hair. I created some for a recent show (pictured below) and some craft babes loved them so much they wanted them on pins. Looks like there’s another task for the sorting hat!

I also had some requests for the larger clusters I’ve been putting on necklaces and headbands to be brooches for jackets.  So now, instead of pins being either the daisy flower or embroidered flower there’s a wealth of choices! I wonder if the flowers below will be hair clips, pins, headbands  or necklaces….

Only the sorting hat knows for sure!

See you soon!

*I don’t actually have a sorting hat, so I will just decide… perhaps wearing some sort of hat… perhaps not wearing a hat at all…*


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