Tawas Inspiration

We went to Tawas over the weekend, which provided some ridiculously pretty color inspiration. I was so stoked to get “up north” and see some fall colors. Oddly enough, most of my favorite pictures are depicting the blues, tans, and grays of Michigan beaches. It was pretty cold on Saturday, but there were plenty of fishermen on the pier. They had these amazingly efficient carts to carry their buckets, fishing poles, and other fisherman stuff. I enjoyed listening in on their conversations, as they were peppered with swears and rather jolly in spite of the cold breeze in the air.

This is a wonderful view from that pier, close to some fisherman conversation:

We also were able to walk some of the beaches, which were really beautiful.

It was “customer appreciation weekend” in Tawas. That resulted in free cookies, cider, cocoa, coffee, and even chocolate covered potato chips!! There were also discounts in the stores, but we didn’t buy anything other than chocolates and cookies. I mean that stuff could go bad, right? We did that to not only stimulate the local economy, but make sure those sweet treasures didn’t go to waste.



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