Random Acts of Kindness

Today is my birthday. I decided to do a random act of kindness for each year I’ve been lucky enough to live. I created a plan and was fortunate  enough to have my friend Jason along for the ride. He set the tone for the day with my favorite coffee- a campfire mocha from Caribou:

Here are a few highlights of our adventure:

I made fun candy bags for several lucky strangers. These were given to the greeter at Meijer, a food service worker at Madonna University, two drive-thru workers at McDonalds, and a drive-thru worker at Tim Hortons.

At McDonalds we put $ in the Ronald McDonald charity box and bought apple pies for the person in line behind us. We gave thank-you cards and treats to the local fire department and police station. When we arrived at the police station I was nervous because there was a glass window (similar to a bank teller booth) that said “complaint department” and I had no clue how to fit a box of pumpkin rolls through it. Luckily the police man was happy to meet me to accept the treats.

I also made this little bird/squirrel feeder…. though it was strategically placed in one of my cat’s favorite windows. It was kind of for him, too.

We tipped our waitress well, returned carts to Meijer, gave a $5 gift card to a stranger, and brought my mom flowers. I taped a baggie with $1.50 to the pop machine, hid $1 in a book, and gave a treat to people at work. I also gave thank-you gifts to my BFF and my man, which included some soap from Cellar Door Soap Co. I can’t show the name of the soap…. it is a bit scandalous. 😉

I had a  really fun day! We ended up doing over 31 acts of kindness, some unmentioned in this post. My favorites were giving the treat bag to the Meijer greeter (she hugged me), giving the $5 gift card to the stranger (she kept talking about how she couldn’t believe it), and delivering treats to the police man because the whole hand-off of treats was comical and he probably needed them working at the “complaint desk.” I can see why so many people do this for their birthday. It truly is a fun way to celebrate!



4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. So cool that you did this, too! Next year, I might try to do one random act of kindness on each day of my birthday month…trying to squeeze all of them and a 10+ hour work day into my actual birthday seems a little overwhelming! Lol

    • When you did this I immediately wanted to as well. I lucked out that I didn’t have to work until 4:00 on my b-day and had a friend to help me out. I think your plan for this year is much more obtainable AND you get to be happy for the whole month!! 🙂

    • Thanks, girl! As I mentioned on facebook, it was because I saw Crystal do it and wanted to do the same when my b-day came around. It was really fun!

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