what a weekend!

As many of you know, I have recently moved to Indiana. This is VERY recent. As in last week. That said, I was able to come back for a super fun weekend-o-crafts!


First stop was Monroe. My friends Liz and Charlie are the best gardeners in the world. Their backyard looks like a wonderland. They belong to a Garden Club that was meeting in the beautiful building above. I set up shop and talked to some of the funniest, most polite people ever. I also made some bank, which was fun. The best part of the day was an amazing oatmeal cookie. That was trumped in the last minute by a woman buying the fascinator I made the night before right off my head!! (It is pictured below. I already miss it.)


The next day was the Flint Handmade Spring Market. That was super amazing fun! I had a super sale because I have lost square footage and have decided to streamline my handleber collection a bit. This resulted in a super sale of epic proportions. My table held every bit of handleber product I had, and as you can see, it wasn’t that much (compared to my packed table during the holidays).


There were also some special guest shoppers. First, these ladies (you can’t say girls when they have such fabulous dresses on) came to shop after cheering historic baseball. They looked at my goods and I asked to snap some pics, then talked about the La Di Dah’s of Greenfield Village fame. One girl bought one of my fascinators for her hat. I was SO excited!!!


During this week of crazy I was also in constant communication with a bride who is getting married Memorial Day weekend. She and I had nearly 100 posts back and forth on etsy about her colors, button choices, and picture updates on the progress of her bouquet. She was SO polite and wonderful. She even drove to Flint to pick it up! I was nervous and excited to see her reaction. She was thrilled. AND since she came to my booth first she was able to walk around holding my bouquet as she talked to all my crafty friend vendors. They liked it too, which meant the world to me.

This weekend was so exciting! It has been a while since I was up late crafting or up early vending. This weekend had several days of both. I rewarded myself with a 13 hour “nap.” (I told my husband at 7:00pm I was going upstairs to take a nap and I woke up this morning at 8:00am)

Thanks to all who shopped, visited, threw grilled cheese at me (that happened, and I of course didn’t catch it), and gave me well-wishes to Indy. I love my Detroit and Flint pals. ❤




My first ever SUPER SALE!

Hello, friends!

On May 4th I will be selling at Flint Handmade’s Spring Market. I am moving from a large home FILLED with little cubbies to store felt wares to a smaller adorbs apartment. This has left me with a lot of inventory and little place to store it. As a result I am having a SUPER SALE. Here’s what’s up:


Single Flower Pins/Hair clips: $5 (previously $10)


Fabric “poof” accessories $2-10


Large Statement Necklaces: $10-15 (previously $18-24)

My loss of square footage is your gain. This time, other than rings, I will not be bringing full-priced inventory. If there’s something you saw that you want/need, let me know and I will bring it. See you soon!!

The sale inventory is limited, so get to the Masonic Temple early. Once they are gone they are gone. 



Okay, fine. Gweneth is right.

When Gweneth Paltrow started GOOP I was kind of intrigued. A celeb was going to tell us about her food choices, fitness routines  and what she likes to do. It seemed kinda neat. However, when I clicked on yoga pants that were twice my mortgage and dropped the mic. “I’M OUT!”  (After writing this part I felt guilty, so I went back to check. Her spring “must haves” include this Valentino studded leather iPad case.) I realized that Gwen and I weren’t going to be cyber pals. I assumed the site and her “tips” would be out of reach for a simple crafty babe like me.

Well, years later a mutual friend of Gwen’s (you might know it… pinterest) shared a recipe for no-fry fries. These are her recipe. These are ridiculously good. These involve three ingredients: russet potatoes, olive oil, salt. They are AMAZING. The recipe is simple. I still took photos of the process for your amusement.

First you cut the potatoes into fry sized bites and put them in cold water.

My water didn’t seem that cold, so I added ice. Potatoes on the rocks.


Preheat the oven to 475. I waited until they were “on the rocks” so I’d be ready when the oven was.

Next, you dry them off with a paper towel.

I did a handful at a time and put them in a new bowl.


Once in the new bowl I added olive oil and salt. I mixed with my hands.


Next you put them on a cookie sheet. I didn’t spray it with PAM. But when I went to turn them in the oven they were stuck to the foil.

So either get crazy with olive oil, use parchment, or use PAM.


Here’s the final product! They tasted JUST like street fair fries. I was very happy with them.


You win this round, Gweneth. Maybe I judged too soon. Hook me up with more of these recipes. I will bookmark them in my gen 1 iPad. 🙂


Image (2)

(I still think she doesn’t get me) 😉

Small Craft- Big Fun!!!

I feel SO fortunate that Small Craft asked me to teach a Skill Share at the WAB this weekend! It was such an amazingly fun time. As always, Amy and Ethan created a stellar event with amazing Vegan baked goods. This time there were cupcakes, which were amazingly delish! I told Amy I still dream about the vegan donut I ate at the Trumbullplex this fall.

small 4

Materials: felt, bottle cap, embroidery floss, glue gun, and whatever you want the finished product to be! I brought wine charms and keychains, but some clever crafter created one to become a necklace pendant. You could make magnets, hair clips, and a billion more items! The coolest part about the event was all of the different interpretations of the craft. There were many non-rosette flowers to be seen!

Here are a few pictures of the event (more can be seen in Small Crafts facebook album):

small small2

Glass Action! had a pop-up shop. I am obsessed with everything she does. I have several necklaces for myself, have bought several as gifts, and my bathroom has a Bill Murray Nightlight. Yep, that’s right. Bill Murray. Carey is amazingly talented and it was fun to get another chance to hang with her.


In conclusion: awesome day! I loved the event, I loved watching mobile uploads of rosettes all over my news feed, and I felt the crafty love at the WAB. If you haven’t attended a Small Craft event, you need to! Go like their page now so you can stay in “the know.”



Spring Cleaning? How about Winter Organizing?!

I decided to make my pantry look glorious like all of those tutorials on Pinterest. I’m not done, but here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve done and how:

I bought Mason jars, a spice rack, removable chalkboard labels, and a chalkboard pen. The labels and pen were from etsy. They are amazing because they can be removed and put back on. The chalkboard words can be wiped off!!! I was so pumped when these arrived and they were a great buy! As far as the transferring of ingredients goes, I would recommend pouring these over the sink. It helped because some of the spices came out too fast and the oats were hard to pour. 🙂


I put all of my dry ingredients and pastas in the mason jars. I was keeping them in ziplock bags and it looked terrible. This looks MUCH better!


I put my spices in the spice rack. The look so much PRETTIER! It also helped me combine doubles.


I feel so organized now. Don’t these new labels make you want to bake?!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


I used to teach in an elementary school. Valentine’s Day was always my favorite party. There was no stress of costumes and there was no “we’re about to have a two week holiday break” vibe. It was a low-key party with treats and tiny cards. I loved it.

I am not in the classroom this year, so I think I went a little crazy with the whole heart thing. I ended up making tiny heart shaped apple pies, heart shaped tandoori chicken naan pizzas, and a pepperoni pizza with heart shaped pepperoni. It was fun to use kitchen scissors to cut hearts big and small.


For this year’s gift I re-used some materials. I used a frame that was already in our house, paper a friend gave me, and a bag from a restaurant to wrap it. The only thing I bought was the paper for the background and the maps. The hearts represent were the boy and I both grew up and the center heart represents our first home. Awe. ❤


In an extra cheese-factor move, I have included the picture of the card for him from our cat, as well as how he used the wrapping to decorate our kitchen.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!!


Small Craft!

This month’s Small Craft was at Pot & Box in Ann Arbor. It was a VERY cool space that made me wish I was throwing a fancy rustic dance party. This month we learned how to make paper sculptures from books. The lovely Amanda from Dang Argyle taught the class. She had said in her blog post before the event that once she starting making these she couldn’t stop. I can see why. They turn out beautiful and the repetition is oddly comforting. I had a ton of fun!

Amanda teaching in the unique space


The steps that turned a book into an adorable tree


Some of my pals (Indie Lovely, Design Specimen, and Oh Sew Betty) making some treasures from books!


I had a great time hanging with my crafty pals! I also took advantage of the amazingness that was the Cellar Door pop up shop! I gave most of the soaps I purchased in December away as gifts, but now I get to smell pretty again! I was able to try one of their new scents, as pictured below:


I am sure I didn’t buy it because my name was in it…. okay, maybe that caught my eye. But it smells amazing, too. 

I had a great time at Small Craft. It had been several weeks since I was at a crafty event and I was missing my pals. There’s something therapeutic about creating something while swapping stories with your pals. Next month’s Small Craft will be at the WAB and I get to present the craft! Glass Action will be the pop-up shop. More details soon!!!!



Valentine’s Day Tutorial


I love Valentine’s Day. It has three of my favorite things: pink, hearts, and carbs. The January tutorial is a cool gift you can make for friends, your valentine, or a fun decoration for yourself! We will be making felt fortune cookies. Since there’s so many tasty treats to enjoy like heart shaped red velvet pancakes, this is a treat that you don’t eat. Instead, you just make things super cute! I certainly didn’t invent felt fortune cookies. However, they are quite easy to make, very affordable, and provide the surprise factor of “what does my valentine want to say?” (I think snarky ones would be quite fun, but I listed some regular ones for the blog.)

Materials: felt, scissors, glue gun, wire (I used floral wire), pen, paper


Cut a circle out of the felt. Cut a skinny piece of felt to go across the center. Cut a slightly smaller piece of wire (so no one gets poked). Following the directions on your hot glue gun, glue the wire to the center of the circle. Cover the wire with the small felt rectangle. Add more glue if necessary to ensure it is covered.

how to 1

Fold the circle in half. As shown below, curl the corners toward each other so it makes a smiley face.

how to 2

Then have fun writing some cute, silly, or snarky messages to stuff inside!

sayingsThat’s it!

Pay no attention to the lack of a proper manicure. I’ve got stuff to do. Whatevs. Also, remember these are not actually edible. They contain small parts, so little children shouldn’t use them. And hot glue guns are called hot glue guns because they are HOT. So be careful! Enjoy!!!



Martin Luther King Jr Day

I have always been fascinated with Martin Luther King Jr. It isn’t just because he was a powerful speaker, it is also because of his message. MLK’s views of non-violence are still inspiring to me. His stance on non-violence did not mean he was passive by any means. He wanted change. He wanted equality, and he inspired others to want and fight for the same.




Martin Luther King’s ideas about non-violence were based on Gandhi’s teachings and success with non-violent protests. Gandhi’s words are also still used today when speaking of peace, love, and the changing the unjust.




My words won’t be as memorable as Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. Hopefully, as I go through this life, my actions will be ones I can be proud of. I look up to these two men as sources of hope, love, and the ability to make changes for the greater good. I hope you enjoy these quotes as much as I do.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

Wrap Star Day 12: Ornaments serve two purposes!

I used to make ornaments for my friends and family. It was fun for me to make and people seemed to really like them. Now, I can see my ornaments on the trees of friends and family. It is a cool way to have yourself be a part of someone’s holiday traditions. The ornaments used in the wrapping today were not created by me. They were actually created from some talented local ladies. 🙂

I wrapped a present with a Mannymade ornament yesterday. Today I am showing two gifts. The first  is a gift for the boy, so it needed a manly ornament. It was very simple to wrap: postal paper, yarn, and an ornament from Naka’s Ornamentacular. This one was from Amy of My Marigold. I really like how this finished package has a monochromatic look to it.


The second wrapping technique is similar: postal paper and yarn. The gift inside? Sander’s Chocolates! I wrapped them with a beautiful glass Christmas tree made by Glass Action! I specifically asked for these colors and I LOVE how they turned out.


That ends the twelve days of wrapping. As a thank you for reading, there are two discount custom order packages on etsy. Check them out before they are gone!

I hope you have a lovely holiday,